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Field of application

Aromatic plants and oils have been used for thousands of years in medicine, cosmetology and perfumery. At first, in early cults therapeutic and religious aims in application were indivisible (this tradition is still alive both in Tibetan monasteries and Christian temples). Later not only the ability to influence favorably on the human organism, but the healing action of the essential oils when using them on skin was found out.
In the ancient world aromatic resins and soaps (for example, from cedar, camphor) were used at embalming as perfumery (the Romans had three types of perfume: liquid oils, solid perfume and powder), as a preparation for massage, as an addition to acupuncture. Besides as the secrets of preparation of aromatic oils were kept in secret or handed down from generation to generation, or to the elite, aromatic materials were rare and very expensive. And as a result were the object of trade and a symbol of wealth. In the period of Renaissance the healing properties of the aromatic oils took the leading position. It was the time of numerous epidemics, when people had strong need for medicaments.
During the next centuries the healing properties and abilities of application of the essential oils were actively studied.
Nowadays the field of application of the essential oils is rather big:
  • Healing preparations (of external and internal application);
  • Food production: aromatizers of food and alcoholic production, active additions;
  • Perfumery and cosmetology: independent components, aromatizers;
  • Aromatherapy: baths, massage, aromalamps, inhalations, aromacuisin, aromacosmetics.
  • Fatty oils are the most important food product (sunflower-seed, cotton, olive, peanut, soybean oils and others) and are used for production of canned goods, confectionery, margarine. In techniques soaps, drying oils, fatty acids, glycerin, varnish and other materials are produced.
    In medical practice emulsions are produced from liquid vegetable oils (castor, almond oils). Such essential oils as olive, almond, sunflower-seed, linseed-oils are the basic components for ointments and liniments. Cacao oil is used for preparation of suppositories. Fatty oils are the basis for many cosmetic preparations, used in aromatherapy as "transport" or "lifting" oil.

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